Post-Return from Israel: 258 Days

View from the walls of the Old City of Akko The real count, to when I actually left Israel is from September 22, 2019 to March 17, 2020. That totals 177 days, or 25 weeks and 2 days. Which means that I’ve been back in the United States for 81 days, or 11 weeks and... Continue Reading →

Returning from Israel

A lot has happened since the last time I did one of these. Unfortunately, in all the craziness, I did not have time to take more pictures of Israel before I left, so instead I’m giving you all the pictures I took of the cats I named while there. Toenail, Yayin, Jellybean, and Rugelach As... Continue Reading →

From Lisbon this semester

By: Justyn Santiago Photo of the NOVA SBE Campus in Lisbon, Portugal at sunset. My first two weeks in Lisbon have been blessings on blessings. I honestly just feel grateful to have landed safely and have a roof over my head. My first week of classes was surprisingly a little difficult for me because I... Continue Reading →

A Day in Weimar

By: Falianne Forges The day we went to a Weimar, we walked through the World Heritage site that was established there. When I say, “we all,” I mean the class of students in the Culture Module. On the site there was a river surrounded by a great deal of stone which was close to the university ground... Continue Reading →

My Last Days in Kassel

By: Falianne Forges Hi all! It was bittersweet to be leaving Kassel. I had my German language exam and my Culture Module exam. They were interesting. On the bright side, we found out the day after we took German that everyone passed. Our professors graded the first exams fairy quickly. On the flip side I took... Continue Reading →

160 Days

By: Abraham Kaplan The start of a new semester. It’s not when I’m used to starting semesters, but I have just finished the second week of my sixth semester in college. My new Hebrew class is starting exactly where the last one left off, and it’s making me glad I studied over the break. That’s... Continue Reading →

My Experience in Halifax

By: Regina Ledwell About a month ago I went up to Halifax. It’s about three hours on the bus, and I was sitting there, wondering why the experience was so familiar when I realized that it’s because back home, I travel up to Boston for school on a bus, and the journey is about the... Continue Reading →

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